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Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Biomarker
Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Biomarker

Ohmx has discovered a novel biomarker for Prostate Cancer aggressiveness called PSA Peptidase Activity (PPA). The Ohmx test is an exceptionally effective non-invasive prostate cancer test that can confirm the non-aggressive low-risk nature of cancer. This test can help patients and doctors determine if active surveillance is an appropriate course of action, preventing unnecessary surgeries and other clinical interventions with their associated side effects.

“The tools we have now for prostate cancer diagnosis are good, but they still lack the ability to determine long-term outcome. When the time comes for a patient and his family to decide whether or not he can delay treatment and avoid the side effects associated with treating an apparently indolent form of the disease, the decision is made very difficult by the possibility that the disease is actually aggressive.

“We need new diagnostic tools like those being developed at Ohmx to make that decision an easy one by ruling out aggressive disease.”

Steven Smith, PhD, lab director and professor, City of Hope

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