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Biosensor Chip

Portable POC System

Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Biomarker
Portable POC System

Ohmx is believed to be developing the only comprehensive platform that can provide analysis of proteins, small molecules and DNA at the POC. Ohmx intends to bring to market a large menu of POC tests for the screening, monitoring and detection of both acute and chronic diseases.

The platform will rapidly deliver accurate and reliable data to clinicians, enabling them to better manage chronic conditions and diagnose acute diseases.

The Ohmx system provides a complete sample-to-result solution, incorporating automated sample preparation, assay processing, and an electronic reader for data collection and analysis.

Ohmx Tests in Development
Medicare Reimbursement
Analytical Data
Clinical Validation
hs-CRP $17.80
CRP $7.11
A1c $14.12
hs-Troponin I $13.50
TSH $24.45
BNP $50.00 Ongoing
PSA $26.79 Ongoing
Lactate $14.75
Lipids $15.06 Ongoing Ongoing
Glucose $5.73
Hepatic Function $8.25 Pipeline Pipeline
PT-INR $5.72 Pipeline Pipeline
AST $3.75 Pipeline Pipeline


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